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Selected publications in insurance marketing



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Industry Studies

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Journal Publications

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White Papers

  • Dalla Pozza, I. & Texier, L. (2015) « La ludification en assurance », Livre Blanc Finance et Innovation, Innovation et Transformation numérique de l’assurance, 2015.
  • Krivine, R., Dalla Pozza I., Texier, L., (2016), "La transformation des agences : nouveaux outils, nouvelles méthodes d’optimisation des ressources et la digitalisation du contact humain", Livre Blanc Finance Innovation, Transformation digitale de l’intermédiation bancaire : Fintechs & Ecosystème, Juin 2016


Working Papers

  • Buehler, P. (2017). A customer value proposition based taxonomy of new ventures in the insurance market, working paper.
  • Buehler, P. & Maas, P. (2016). The effect of enhanced consumer empowerment on consumers’ perceived risk in insurance, working paper.
  • Buehler, P. & Maas, P. (2017). Creating conditional organizational ambidexterity: An approach from a Nordic pension company, working paper.
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