International Conference for Marketing iN inSurance [ICMI] 2018

ICMI 2018: Fourth International Conference for Marketing in Insurance


In September 2018, the 4th International Conference for Marketing in Insurance [ICMI] was hosted by the University of Bournemouth. Not far from Bournemouth Pier, in BU’s Executive Business Center, two days were dedicated to thorough presentations and intense discussions of the newest development in marketing and consumer behavior in insurance and financial services.


Dr. Julie Robson, together with the co-organizers Dr. Ilaria dalla Pozza of IPAG Business School (Paris) and Prof. Dr. Peter Maas of the University of St. Gallen, brought together a diverse group of young and well-experienced researchers – many of whom could also show impressive track records in practice.  


Topics (see below a full list of presented topics) included consumer behavior, experience and well-being, more technical areas such as insurance claims management, as well as a look into FinTech ecosystems. With significant links between individual research projects, the discussion did not end after the allotted time, but continued throughout coffee breaks and a very British dinner in a lovely Manor.


Scientific Committee:

  • Julie Robson (Bournemouth University)
  • Ilaria Dalla Pozza (IPAG Business School)
  • Peter Maas (University of St. Gallen)
  • Philipp Hendrik Steiner (University of St. Gallen


Full List of Presentations: 



1. What Brings FinTech’s Success: The Power of the Ecosystem.


Ilaria Dalla Pozza, Julie Robson


2. The Relationship Between Psychological Distance and Consumer Trust in a Complex Service: A Multi-Channel Motor Insurance Context.


Emmanuella Ejime, Julie Robson, Jason Sit, and Ilaria Dalla Pozza


3. Determinants of the Supply Chain Management within insurance – evidence from European distribution.


Sergio Dominique-Ferreira, Richard Brophy


4. Insurance Claims Fraud: Detection and Prevention in Kenya and Uganda.


George Macharia, Julie Robson


5. Success in Complex Commercial Claims.


Alice Edwards, Julie Robson


6. Beyond Nudging: Boosting Consumer Decision-Making through Gamification.


Martin Bieler, Peter Maas


7. Customer Experience in the Insurance Industry.


Lukas Fischer, Peter Maas


8. Sensemaking Change: Shared Narratives on the Commoditfication of the UK Loss Adjusting Profession.


John Hall, Julie Robson


9. Trust me, I Don’t Know What I’m Sharing: Consumers’ Willignness to Share Personal Information.


Christopher Schmumacher, Peter Maas


10. Personal Data and Consumer Insurance: A Freedom to Share or a Duty to Disclose?


Freyja van den Boom, Sally Weston, Julie Robson


11. Trust at a Premium: Payment Protection Insurance


Samreen Ashraf, Julie Robson



Thank you for a great ICMI 2018 – we are looking forward to the next AIM event!