International Conference for Insurance Marketing [ICMI] 2017

ICMI 2017: Third international conference for marketing in the insurance industry



After two successful ICMI events in Paris, the third edition was held in St. Gallen (Switzerland) on the 19th of October, 2017 and was organized by the Institute of Insurance Economics of St. Gallen University (Switzerland).


Organizer: Peter Maas (University of St. Gallen)


Scientific Committee: Ilaria Dalla Pozza (IPAG Business School), Peter Maas (University of St. Gallen), Ana Oliveira-Brochado (ISCTE Business School), Matthias Ruefenacht (University of St. Gallen), Philipp Hendrik Steiner (University of St. Gallen), Lionel Texier (Risk and Analysis), Joël Wagner (University of Lausanne)



Description of the conference:


Though many academics have investigated marketing related topics for the financial sector, the insurance industry has to a large extent been excluded from such research. In addition, academic accounts of the insurance industry have largely focused on risk, investment and actuarial issues rather than the exploration of marketing concepts and their suitability for the insurance sector. As such, relatively few papers have in fact addressed the topic of insurance marketing in the last decade. Consequently, new contributions reflecting the idiosyncrasies of marketing in the insurance industry are urgently needed.


The third International Conference for Marketing in the Insurance Industry (ICMI) served as the primary platform to promote research in the field of insurance marketing. In a personal, intensive atmosphere current academic thoughts and ideas were discussed and exchanged. The Association for Insurance Marketing (AIM) welcomed conceptual and/or empirical research papers on topics in insurance marketing.


Contributions touched upon one of the following insurance marketing topics:

·         Interaction behavior and strategies

·         Data sharing

·         Multi- and omnichannel management

·         Trends in consumer behavior

·         E-insurance and digitization

·         Apps and Social Media

·         (Dis-) Intermediation: The new role of agencies and brokers

·         The relationship between actuarial sciences and marketing

·         Smart data for marketing and strategy and its application for insurance

·         Loyalty and customer satisfaction

·         Gamification

·         Innovative value proposition

·         Customer lifetime value

·         Emergence of multifaceted customer journeys

·         Cross-cultural differences of consumer behavior

·         The role of InsurTechs

·         Customer Experience




1.     Corporate brand recovery through stakeholder co-creation

      Julie Robson (Bournemouth University) / Jillian Dawes Farquhar (Gordon Institute of Business Science, South Africa and Southampton Solent University)


2.     Towards a new concept of proximity in the frontline employee - customer relationship: the example of the banking and insurance industries 

Ilaria Dalla Pozza (IPAG Business School) / Lionel Texier (Risk and Analysis)


3.     Does prevention as an investment strategy explain the decision to purchase guarantees for unit-linked life insurance? 

Daliana Luca (Institute of Insurance Economics, University of St. Gallen)


4.     Is the quantified self a smart move? – The role of consumers’ smart wearables perception offered by insurance companies 

Stefanie Paluch (RWTH Aachen University) / Sven Tuzovic (Queensland University of Technology)


5.     The Consumer Intention to Adopt Smart Connected-Products: Does the Category Matter? 

Catherine Viot / Caroline Bayart / Agnès Lancini (Université Claude Bernard Lyon – Laboratoire de Sciences Actuarielle Financière)


6.     Posters versus lurkers: when do social media community members share their experiences with others? 

Philipp Hendrik Steiner (Institute of Insurance Economics, University of St. Gallen)


7.     Duration to Cross-selling in Non-life Insurance: A Statistical Analysis 

Yves Staudt / Jöel Wagner (Department of Actuarial Science, University of Lausanne)


8.     Insurance Consumption and Customer Portfolio Characteristics in Multichannel Distribution: New Empirical Evidence 

Stefan Mau (Chair of Information Management, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich) / Irena Pletikosa Cvijikj (UBS Switzerland) / Jöel Wagner (Department of Actuarial Science, University of Lausanne)


9.     If you can’t anticipate let them participate: how power distance affects customer loyalty and what firms can do 

Matthias Ruefenacht / Philipp Hendrik Steiner / Tobias Schlager / Peter Maas (Institute of Insurance Economics, University of St. Gallen)