International Conference for Insurance Marketing [ICMI] 2016

ICMI 2016: Second international conference for marketing in the insurance industry


IPAG Business School, a leading French management school, in collaboration with the Institute of Insurance Economics of Saint Gallen University (Switzerland) is happy to welcome you to the second International Conference for Marketing in the Insurance Industry (ICMI2016). The ICMI Conference will take place in the heart of Paris on 7 June 2016. The aim of the conference is to bring together leading scholars to discuss key issues in Marketing in the Insurance Industry. Participants will have the opportunity to present their research and networking.


Organizer: Peter Maas (University of St. Gallen) & Ilaria Dalla Pozza (IPAG Business School)


Description of the conference: The insurance industry plays a major role in the development and growth of the economy. Recently, the insurance industry is undergoing radical changes due to new legislations, technological innovations and new customer behaviors. The first International conference for Marketing in the Insurance industry (ICMI) accepts contributions from scholars interested in marketing and innovation in the insurance industry. Contributions may apply (but are not limited to):

  • Implementation of channel strategies in the insurance industry
  • New customer trends in the insurance industry
  • E-insurance
  • Y Generation and insurance industry
  • The new role of the agency in the insurance industry
  • The relationship between actuarial sciences and marketing
  • Big data for marketing in the insurance industry
  • Loyalty and customer satisfaction in the insurance industry
  • Gamification
  • Product development
  • Customer Lifetime Value in the insurance industry


  1. Dalla Pozza, I. (IPAG), Oliveira Brochado A. (ISCTE Lisbon), Gopal, R. (Uconn USA) & Texier, L. (Risk and Analysis) «Customer multichannel profiling in the post-purchase phase in the insurance industry»
  2. Yves Staudt & Joël Wagner (University of Lausanne) «What customer, policy and distribution characteristics drive the development of insurance customer relationships? – A case study analysis»
  3. Julie Robson (University of Bournemouth) & Hans Van der  Heijden (University of Sussex) «Senior Management Perceptions of Aspirational Groups: a Study of the UK General Insurance Market»
  4. Niklas Barwitz & Peter Maas (University of St. Gallen) «Predicting Customer Segment Affiliation in an Omnichannel World»
  5. Stefan Mau, Irena Pletikosa Cvijikj (ETH Zurich) & Joel Wagner (University of Lausanne) «Understanding the Differences in Customer Portfolio Characteristics and Insurance Consumption across Distribution Channels»
  6. Pascal Bühler & Peter Maas (University of St. Gallen) «Towards a collaborative relationship between consumers and producers: Enhancing consumer’s perceived empowerment to reduce perceived risk in complex service situations»
  7. Haithem Zourrig (University of Regina) & Jeongsoo Park (Komazawa University, Japan) «Cultural differences in attitude towards insurance fraud among japanese consumers: the moderating effect of allocentrism-idiocentrism»