Catherine Viot


Professor - Université Claude Bernard Lyon1, France

Laboratoire SAF - Sciences Actuarimelle et Financière



  • Viot C., Benraïss-Noailles L. The link between benevolence and well-being in the context of human-resource marketing, Journal of Business Ethics, DOI 10.1007/s10551-018-3834-1.
  • Viot C., Le Roux A., Kremer F. (2014), Attitude towards the purchase of counterfeits: antecedents and effect on intention to purchase, Recherche et Applications en Marketing (English edition), 29, 2, 3-33.
  • Viot C., Bayart C. et Lancini A. (2017), The Consumer Intention to Adopt Smart Connected-Products: Does the Category Matter?, Conference for Marketing in the Insurance Industry, Octobre 19th, St Galen, Switzerland.