Julie Robson

University of Bournemouth


Selected publications:


Journal articles

Robson,  J., Sekhon, Y. & Ning, S.  (2016). Understanding the strain of inter-personal relationships on employees. Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing. 31 (8). 995-1003 

Robson, J & van der Heijden, H (2015) Senior management perceptions of aspirational groups: A study of the UK general insurance market. Journal of Business Research. 69 (8) 2731-2738


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Robson, J (2015). Enhancing flexible learning arrangements.  In Frostick, T. ( Ed )  Fit for growth: Investing in a stronger skills base for 2020. Centre Forum. London. UK

Robson  J. & Sekhon Y.  (2011).  Addressing the research needs of the Insurance sector.   International Journal of Bank Marketing. 29 (7), 512-516.


Robson, J. (2011) Insurance. Special issue. International Journal of Bank Marketing. 29 (7) 510-11



Conference papers

Robson, J., Farquhar, J  (2017) Recovering the corporate brand through stakeholder co-creation, International Colloquium on Corporate Branding, Identity, Image and Reputation, Middlesex University London,

Waite, K., Robson, J., Farquhar, J & Harrison, T (2016).  A multi-level approach to trust-repair within a business ecosystem. Academy of Marketing Conference. Northumbria University. England

Robson, J (2015) The role of the salesforce in gathering customer intelligence: A view from the general insurance sector. Academy of Marketing Conference. Limerick University, Limerick, Ireland

Robson, J (2015) Promoting qualitative research: What lessons can we learn from practitioners? Academy of Marketing Science. Denver USA

Robson, J and Van der Heijden, H. (2012). Cognitive strategic groups: Real or artefact? In: British Academy of Management. Cardiff University, Cardiff, Wales