Matthias Rüfenacht

University of St. Gallen

Working papers and selected publications in insurance marketing:

  • Ruefenacht, M. (2018). The role of satisfaction and loyalty for insurers, International Journal of Bank Marketing, forthcoming.
  • Ruefenacht, M., Steiner, P., Schlager, T. and Maas, P. (2016). If you can’t anticipate, let them participate: how power distance affects customer loyalty and what firms can do, working paper.
  • Ruefenacht, M., Li, Y., Zhang, Y, and Maas, P. (2016). How does power distance belief affect consumers’ responses to DIY vs. DIFY offerings? – A multi-level multi-method investigation, working paper.
  • Ruefenacht, M., Schlager, T., Maas, P. and Puustinen, P. (2015). Drivers of long-term savings behavior from the consumers' perspective. International Journal of Bank Marketing, 33 (7), pp. 922-943.